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When you have getting STN as QWK node is you not using IC's main system

but his system 2 to be QWK node on as a bbs user here.

You can in first way try to telnet to this system by telnet fido2.kofobbs.net

and here start as a noral bbs user registration (use real name to it,

no nickname as handle). If you is ask for a handle then use your first name

for it, so IC can see who it is and better can upgrade you as STN QWK node.

When you have done the formular and submit it to IC and visit the bbs

can you write a message to IC to tell you have it all ready.

Then ask for the file by QWK to your offline mail system to get the

linked and thosen echoes and files (new stn files) by QWK as QWK node.

You can later on if things working for you


Filling out the QWK formular