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Inter Rex Connection 2

Internet Rex - Node Setup Menu:

When in Nodes Setup menu - Use Add new node - By mark the first line and hit key [Insert] -

You have add setup for new ad first node to be setup.

1. System Address = Your Uplinks node number to pool to

2. Sysop's Name = Your Uplinks real Name

3. Node Active = Yes

4. Crash All Mail = Yes

5. Outbound messages = Toss To a Binkp site

Go in to configure this now:

5.1 Site's address = your uplinks hostname

5.7 Default domain = STN

6. Inbound messages = Toss from Binkp site

Go to and in to Configure

6.1 Site's addres = same as for outbound setup

6.7 Default domain = STN

7. Netmail boundled to = Type 2+ packet

8.  Connection information

Session Password = The Password you have got from your Uplink

Secure connection = Yes

Now save it and back to Main menu setup.

Go to Server "Setup Menu" and then take Binkp Daemon -

"Run Binkp Daemon" = Yes


Port to use = 24554

Default Domain 0 Your own hostname