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BinkP Connection Setup

How do I getting a binkp connection to work for Sysop's TechNet ?

First you fill out the Application and send it to your nearest RC ot to ZC ({ic@sysoptech.net}).

When the RC og ZC has revieved your application by email will he answer back to with your new Sysop's TechNet node number and write yo you on how to setup your system for Sysop's TechNet.

Find your nearest RC and his contact information on the How to Contact Us site and his Email for best doing it. by his STN e-mail addrress.

After you have send your application/subscribtion to us and is waiting to hear back then find some good Binkp Internet mailer and other tools for getting mai and files, grap the info files of conferences and fiel echoes for sysop's TechNet and, go on in setting them up so you ar ready to setting up you binkp connection. The RC or the ZC will then know if you have a fast internet line as DSL or ADSL, and give you information on whom to poll for mail from and which hostname to use and what number to poll to.

When you have set this up in your Internet Mailer by General setup of your new

node number(s) (AKA) Your own name and then your Systen Name, then to path setup and fido systems so to nodes Setup. In Nodes setup, Setup your uplinks node number

- his Name and then hostname, and be sure to saveit all and then is your ready to poll out your First Time Sysop's TechNet poll.